i love when strangers walk by and smile at you



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If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.

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Are you a teen? This blog is for you!
Hurt me a little more so I can write about you.

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when you hear a song by your favorite artist in the store and try to keep calm

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I wish I had a someone who would observe me silently, who would capture all my habits and quirks, and still love me. Someone that would get lost in how my fine features define my face, while smiling or crying, and still love me.

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  • parents: *yells at you*
  • parents: *screams at you*
  • parents: *doesnt listen to what ur saying*
  • me: *raises voice slightly*
  • parents: HEY watch ur tone we did not raise u to be so disrespectful this is unacceptable I can't believe ur yelling at us like this what is wrong with u calm down
And in that moment I swore
that nothing in this universe
could be so heavy as the absence
of the person you love.

B e a u   T a p l i n   | |   T h e   h e a v y   a b s e n c e .  
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i love you.

if the feeling isn’t mutual, please pretend this is a poem.

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